Company Profile

ASM Commercial is a privately owned and Director driven company, established to recognise the diverse property requirements of individuals and companies. Significant change to the property market over recent years now necessitates a closer evaluation of the nature of what was once a straight forward manner of conducting real estate business. Estate agents once used to obtain properties or businesses for management, sale or lease, put in place an advertisement / board / brochure and simply wait for inquiries. This method does not work effectively today! A more pro-active approach is required, an approach ASM uses to produce quick results with greater satisfaction. We apply this process to the largest institutional investment such as a shopping centre, multi level office building or the smallest strip shop or office. As a general rule the property market does not differentiate between large or small and indeed the smallest property in a portfolio may require the closest attention. OfCOURSE more involved and multi tenanted properties will require different strategies. ASM Commercial aims to provide an honest and professional approach to all your property needs today and beyond.